Introducing the GLITORIS

I recently caught up with girlfriends from Cape Town I hadn’t seen in years and we met up at a sex shop (like you do!) because despite being in their mid 30’s one of them was about to purchase her very 1st vibrator.

Whilst looking at the considerable and daunting selection my initial question “How far up is your G-spot?” drew quizzical looks as they both replied “we’re supposed to know that?”

Well that brought home how much women still don’t know about their own bodies!

Let’s clear some stuff up – I only call it the G Spot, because that’s what people are used to hearing – in reality it doesn’t actually exist – WHAT??

I’m not kidding, a recent review of 60 years of sex research including surveys, imaging scans and biopsies of women shows that science still can’t definitively find the elusive G-spot.


“Without a doubt, a discreet anatomic entity called the G-spot does not exist,” said Dr. Amichai Kilchevsky, a urology resident at Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, and lead author of the review, published Jan 2012 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

“Women who can’t achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration don’t have anything wrong with them,” he said, but he doesn’t think women who claim to have a G-spot are crazy either. “What they’re likely experiencing is a continuation of the clitoris.”

You’re damn right they are!

Now here’s the thing most of us don’t realize – as we grow in the womb the penis and clitoris are the exact same organ until gender gets decided, then they just develop into a different shape; but they will always work the same way. They BOTH get engorged with blood when excited.

Which means ladies that our clitoris gets a HARD-ON and reaches all the way back pushing passed the urethra and creates the raised bumpy bit that’s been misidentified as the G-spot.


And if you’ve been struggling to find it, you probably didn’t have a hard on yet, just wait until you’re more turned on.

Plus that feeling of needing to pee? Don’t worry you can’t actually pee at that point because you’re clit hard-on is pressing on the Urethra.

Now this is not completely new information for our anatomy books yet hardly anyone seems to know it – I bet if we found some radical new aspect to the penis it would be front page bloody news!

Anyway, I propose we rename the damn thing, so that people might remember how it works.

How about the GLITORIS?

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